Prague Guide

Explore Pragues breathtaking atmosphere

Much has been written about this truly beautiful city and the reasons why Prague remains so popular are quite simple. You will understand simply by strolling along the cobblestone streets of the old town, observing the fantastic architecture of the buildings, the churches and the magnificent Castle. You can have a relatively cheap lunch or dinner in a pub, accompanied by a world famous Czech beer. Later on, get a half price entrance ticket to enjoy a classical music concert, or for the younger crowd there is a great clubbing scene.

Prague is bursting at the seams with things to do. Highbrow pursuits rival opportunities for more frivolous entertainment. Whether you choose the citys rich musical heritage or simply enjoy a pint of Pilsner in one of its legendary beer cellars, this is the city where there really is something for everyone.

If you wish to exchange money in Prague (especially in the city centre) please be careful as many exchange offices charge very high commission. When eating in cheaper restaurants please check your bill as sometimes foreigners can be overcharged with extra items added or changed prices.

Visitors to Prague often miss out on the best of traditional Czech cuisine which is heavily meat-based but also quite diverse. Dont be one of them unless you are vegetarian. A typical national dish is pork, cabbage, dumplings which must be accompanied with a pint of beer, the most typical Czech beverage.

Is Prague an expensive city to visit? Apart from accommodation prices, city centre restaurants and other tourist attractions, Prague is still quite cheap compared to other EU countries. An average tourist will spend around 1700 CZK (70 EUR) per person per day.